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Forest Path

Casey and I hit it off instantly after my first discovery call.  I found her demeanor to be so calming, so welcoming, and her level of patience outstanding.

Casey encouraged me to look at my life with an entirely different perspective.  Because of this, I’m facing new challenges head on with the attitude of “It’s not happening TO you.  It’s happening FOR you.”

She’s always had a way of getting me to open up even if the conversations may lead to something uncomfortable. 


Casey helped me set meaningful goals and held me accountable, but understood when life was flipped upside down and some weeks I just needed to talk.

From breathing exercises, to quotes, to goal setting techniques; there were so many little nuggets of information Casey provided I’ll be able to use forever.

I couldn’t be more grateful for this coaching experience.  Everyone needs a coach Casey in their life!


In just a few weeks of working with Casey, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Casey’s unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a transformative nurse coach.


I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional. I am now able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance, which impacts many aspects of my life. Casey is great at understanding and connecting to the whole person, and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction.



When I first started working with Casey, I felt like I still didn't have a super clear grasp on what an effective nurse coaching session could look like. I quickly learned how powerful nurse coaching can be through my time spent with her. She held space for me so well and she held me accountable to my goals and the reasoning behind them.


Casey also asked me the questions that I needed to be asked. I gained so much insight from our sessions together and she really helped me in more ways than one. During our time together, I went back and forth about where I wanted to go after the collective.


Casey helped me to find courage and confidence in my next steps. She reminded me that I'm worth investing in and that, in turn, I will be pouring that investment into others. Casey helped me find clarity and she showed me what an amazing nurse coach can do. 


I am grateful I had the pleasure to experience working with Casey as my Mindfulness Coach. I loved every mindfulness practice Casey took me through, and I found myself not wanting to come out of the meditative state we created because it was so calm, peaceful, and relaxing. I could sense Casey’s excitement and enthusiasm for mindfulness from how it has benefited her own life practicing it daily. Her dedication to a daily mindfulness routine was very inspirational and it motivated me to create one for myself.


Casey is extremely caring, and I felt very safe in her presence. I also felt like we could talk for hours! I highly recommend Casey’s Nurse Coaching program, and truly believe anyone could benefit from it!


I was dealing with some serious health issues; taking care of my 90-year-old father; communication issues with my husband; and learning how to better deal with stress including finding time for me and a happy medium.  Casey was of great benefit in that she helped me with learning how to handle my stress in a more positive way and being able to deal with my frustrations and feelings instead of trying to just "stuff" them inside.


My experience with Casey was such a positive one.  I did not even realize how beneficial it is to be able to talk through issues and share my thoughts, fears, and successes with someone who truly cares, was very patient, positive, and uplifting.  I felt it gave me strength that I had been lacking in quite a while to handle problems head on.  Casey was able to get me to really "open up" about so many things and to find my own solutions to issues.  I liked her demeanor and support the best.  She was very sincere.


I was able to work through and find helpful solutions for things that really can work in my life and I will continue to strive to continue this and build on it.

I learned some new things about myself and feel more confident.  It was really nice having a "cheerleader" in my corner.  It makes me want to expand and continue to grow and improve.

Thank you for everything.  I really enjoyed our sessions and they came at a time in my life when I really needed it.  I am forever grateful.


Before starting coaching sessions with Casey, I was very busy and overwhelmed.  Between work, running my daughter to dance, and volunteering to be the president for THS Class of 2023 Parents for my daughter’s graduation party, I didn’t take any time to take care of me.  Health issues and depression were wearing on me.

From the first session to the last session, it was a great experience. 


Casey was very good at listening but also brought a lot of good points up and helped me make weekly goals to take care of myself.  She helped me realize that I must take care of me in order to help and take care of other people.  Casey held me accountable and inspired me to be successful with my goals. 


 began walking more, making healthier food choices and looking for the positive things in my day rather than negative.  After our final session I have continued to move forward with the goals Casey helped me implement.

I would recommend Casey’s coaching to many people.  She helped me learn to identify things that are making a negative impact on my life. I realized it is hard, but I can do it.


Before my experience working with Casey as a nurse coach, I was in a season of post-holiday (and post pandemic) blues.  Poor sleep and bad habits were affecting my mental health, my performance at work, and my relationships with friends and family. Because I was running on fumes, I had a strong feeling of not giving my best to people who rely on me. I needed to make some changes.


Working with Casey was a great experience. Though our meetings were in casual spaces, they felt focused and intentional. She offered a very functional approach to solving problems: breaking down physical ailments into the habits that grow them, and then further breaking these habits down to the emotional/mental issues feeding them. This allowed me to set realistic goals that have helped me to reset my perspective and gently address the demons I had been only swiping blindly at before.


I would recommend nurse coaching to anyone looking to improve their health for the better. Through these sessions and goal-setting, this coaching helps you gain tools needed to effect real and meaningful selfcare. For me, these tools included boundary setting, education, accountability, and encouragement.


I have been able to improve my sleep, incorporate more exercise, eat more intentionally, and get more out of my evenings and free time. A nurse coach cannot change your life for you, but they can show you where the footpath begins. I am grateful for my time with Casey. This experience was a good reset and a great reminder that I have the power to make meaningful changes in my own life.


Thank you so much for dedicating your time and expertise to coaching me and giving me objectives and skills to improve my life.

At the beginning of our sessions we discussed what was important to me and goals that I wanted to work on. I was so focused on doing my job that I really didn’t have time for anything else. My job was and has affected my health, my relationships and in part I have allowed it to interfere in accomplishing things important to my health and well-being.


Throughout our sessions you were a positive force and helped me figure out some goals/changes to work on, and then showed me how to focus on those goals. As we went through the process you were motivational and set clear steps to achieve those goals.

One of my issues at the beginning was that I allow myself to be too busy to look at my personal life and make changes. You helped me work around some of the challenges of my job so that I could spend time working on self-help objectives and prioritizing the most important targets and work towards things such as beginning to exercise again, setting a goal to work on losing some weight, setting some steps to work towards retirement and even some discussion and exercises to help determine what makes my life meaningful and brings happiness to me.


I believe your strengths are your ability to sift through the extra information and get to what’s important, also to provide steps or parameters to enable me to work on those steps, help to set definite time lines and specific goals so that the end result is attainable.  You make it all very relatable and meaningful. Thanks to you I have a number of ways to work on attaining goals specific to me and also have a realistic approach to achieving those goals.

One of the things that I liked the most about our coaching sessions was your ability to help me look positively at pieces of my life. Another favorite thing would be the “What am I grateful for” talk. I have that discussion with my granddaughter every day that we see each other.

You have made such a big difference and truly impacted my life for the better.


I have been very impressed with the work accomplished in these past several weeks in working with Casey Richardson, Nurse Coach. Several elements have lined up in this season for me to take the next intentional step to making healthier choices in movement, diet, and mental wellbeing. Before I started working with Casey, I was not taking the action needed to order certain routines and disciplines as priority. I work a sedentary job, working long hours as a hospital executive that incurs multiple angles of stress and attention. Though somewhat skeptical in general of this kind of process, I was quickly converted to the coaching process. Just a small amount of quiet and intentional space has drawn out to the forefront of my personal goals some very attainable and momentum building practices.


Casey’s approach to the process provided a space for calculated confidentiality and focus on the topic. Her approach with “agreements” linked a dedicated framework to communicate through. I can honestly remit that we were able to positively make connections with stressors, triggers, choices, and the future intended self I want to get to. I found introducing meditation as a tool to anchor and jail stressors, though I am in the infant stages of that process. Her positivity and grace dissolved some of the barriers to connecting with more tender parts of decision making and practices.


Through this process I have also attained some greater confidence in my ability to change. Evolution of character and leveling-up oneself is a place that truly adds value to an enriched life. Casey’s approach was able to connect some dots about my best self being a healthier and more abundant offering as a servant leader to areas like my leadership responsibilities at work, caring for and living life with my spouse, and where I serve in the community. I am naturally wired as an achiever, so I see great opportunity for sustainability. Ultimately, I am confident that Casey can be proud of the work done through this process and that her skills have been shared to make me a better version of me.


I’m truly surprised and excited about how just a few coaching sessions with Casey have impacted my life in such a positive way. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when meeting with Casey and to be honest, I was a little nervous, but Casey made the experience comfortable and encouraging. The coaching sessions far exceeded my expectations and have completely changed my way of thinking.


In just five coaching sessions, I find myself being more thoughtful about my daily intent and habits, doing a better job of scheduling out my day, setting aside dedicated time to meet my goals, and shifting gears about the way I think about my overall well-being. In the sessions with Casey, she helped me discover my motivations for a healthier lifestyle and helped me find my vision of where I want to be in my health journey.


I’ve gained so many physical and mental benefits from this coaching, such as consistent meal prepping, consistent workouts, weight loss, more gratitude, dedicating time for myself, and a better life balance. Casey is truly a phenomenal health coach. She is kind, knowledgeable, innovative, calming, and a true cheerleader for her clients. I would recommend health coaching with Casey to anyone because we are all working on something in our health journey and it’s so beneficial to have a coach like Casey to mentor you. 




Casey has a way of gently narrowing focus & grounding my energy through deep breathing techniques with short meditation. As she speaks, she encourages accountability, tracking results without judgement. Her technique pulled focus, aided in path direction teaming up with me on course correction which led to things being addressed, fearlessly. 


My condition was also affected by a recent surgery that negatively impacted my body & my speaking/singing ability. Treasured activities at the very core of my identity. Our work helped me insist on speech therapy & looking into alternative therapies for tangible solutions. Through these health challenges I'd become rather sedentary. Casey reminded me of that which I loved: long walks by the river, working out at the gym, & gardening. She said it all counts, what's important is to move. She educated me on the diet choices which would help me feel better & gain the freedom to increase mobility.


Even finding the courage to share how I was feeling with family & they gave me beautiful loving feedback. But I probably wouldn't have said anything except that Casey had encouraged that too. You see I'd told her, in the beginning, I wanted to mount this time of life with grace & a sense of purpose.  I would recommend Casey & her coaching technique to anyone wishing to build focus, apply discipline, resolve black clouds & be enabled to be wholly present for friends & family. That is what happened to me.

Truly, I would recommend Casey's coaching for any individual who was interested in & serious about improving their life.  My journey continues with new tools, the absence of black clouds & the confidence that braving the right choices give. Grace is a sweet visitor these days & I may end up reaching out to Casey regarding her more extensive program in the future.  Thank you, Casey, so very much for walking beside me in the darkness & bringing the light with you.


Casey and I worked together on a committee when we first met, and I was drawn to her vision toward coaching.  In the past, I had taken courses but lacked focus on how I wanted my dreams to become reality especially in regard to how to best care for others.  As Casey and I began working together, I was able to break through my self limiting beliefs and grant myself the opportunity to move into a space to coach others.  I gained clarity for how to create a new reality and connect spiritually.  She provided resources, but I never felt pushed in any particular direction.  Working with Casey, I simply felt lighter, more open to how the world showed up. 


I looked forward to our sessions, never quite knowing what would show up between us.  I felt very connected and able to open up to Casey easily.  We discussed that I was in control of how deep we went during our sessions, and that I was in control to let her know when I needed her to go further or back off.  I trust Casey because we set boundaries.  She truly was there and allowed me to take the time to explore challenges as well as opportunities that were showing up.  She followed up with me between sessions but empowered me to do the work.  I was there to create my own masterpiece, she was there to mentor me when and where it was needed. 


I achieved a sense of light, and ease as we worked together.  I felt more confident in my own ability to coach. “Work with me, and I will have you believing you can do anything.”  (I believe this was a social media post, but OMG…. YES!).  I began listening to a pivotal pod cast of other nurse coaches that has continued to allow me to believe in the dream of Nurse Coaching. 

I am able to speak to my family and children in ways that are more understanding, and in a way to be present, rather than listening to respond.  I want to be a role model for my young daughters so they see they can achieve what they truly desire.  It may take time, but it absolutely can be done. 


I would recommend Blue Skyz Coaching to anyone who is seeking clarity, in relation to their spirituality, current status, and vision for the future.  Casey, offered several focused ways of connecting with me genuinely.  She has a unique ability to work with a client and allow them to show up with how ever they are feeling without judgement, or projections for what she feels should be occurring.  Casey’s talents are a gift and I cannot wait to see how much she does in this field! 


Want To Be The Next Success Story? 

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