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Individual Holistic Coaching

During your one hour session, I offer both in-person outdoor experiences and virtual sessions tailored to your needs.


Immersing ourselves in nature, whether it's a forest walk or a paddle board adventure—provides a nurturing backdrop for self-reflection and connection.

We focus on addressing areas where you need support through a holistic assessment of your well-being. Together, we develop personalized self-care practices, work to improve your mindset, and build your resilience to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


These sessions cater to your preferences, whether you seek the serenity of nature or the convenience of virtual sessions. Both avenues provide transformative spaces for exploration and growth.


Transformational coaching packages are available for

3, 6, or 12 months.

Book a session to learn more about pricing options.

Events & Workshops

Blue Skyz Wellness offers transformative experiences like cold plunges with sauna therapy, empowering goal-setting workshops, meditation, and yoga. These events provide opportunities for personal growth, wellness, and community connection. Keep an eye out for future events designed to help you thrive!

Virtual Team Meeting

Group Coaching

Blue Skyz Wellness group coaching sessions focuses on empowering individuals to renew their sense of well-being and vitality. In these supportive group spaces, you will embark on a journey of holistic regeneration, guided by personalized coaching and shared experiences. You will cultivate habits and practices that promote a proactive approach to long-term wellness.  Stay tuned for future group coaching opportunities.

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